July 16, 2012

Dear Tucson,
I love you.

Love Letters to Tucson is exactly that, a love letter or series of love letters to this sweet city/town on the edge of the desert. It is inspired by Julie Michelle’s  i live here:sf  and the goal of Love Letters to Tucson is to explore and share the wealth and diversity of experiences  that makes Tucson…well, Tucson.

The hope is that as we explore Tucson through the eyes of its inhabitants we learn a little about the inhabitants who share this place with us. What is it that they love about Tucson? (And maybe some of those things they don’t like so much.) How did they come to be in Tucson? Is there an event, a memory, a place, or perhaps a season that makes Tucson special to them?

“I’m a Tucson inhabitant and want to share my love letter, how does it work?”
Share your love letter to Tucson with us. It can be just a sentence, a paragraph, a poem or perhaps a narrative with us about your relationship with Tucson or some particular aspect of Tucson.

We take some photographs in a location around town that is meaningful to you .

You get to review the photographs of you before they go out on the web that way nothing you hate will go out. Please know that I’m not (nor do I aspire to be) a professional photographer, but part of my interest in this project is the opportunity to practice photography. Please know that Love Letters to Tucson is a completely voluntary endeavor, a hobby, fitted in amid work and family and life. I look forward to reading your love letter to Tucson.


iliveheretucson at gmail dot com

ps. I asked Julie Michelle several years ago to take her idea and run with it here in Tucson.  Now, I’m finally getting to it. Thank you Julie Michelle for your generosity and insights.

p.p.s To find out a little more about me check out the Pleased to Meet You piece on 3 Story Magazine (a fabulous online magazine for those in Tucson and beyond!)

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7 Responses to “About”

  1. I love this Rachel! I’d have to give some thought to what my Love Letter would say, but I do know that my love for the city has evolved and grown over the years, even though I was born and raised here and was quite happy to leave for college. I am one of Tucson’s “Bicentennial Babies” (I was born on Tucson’s 200th Birthday) though, so it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Can’t wait to read some love letters!

  2. Dear Rachel
    I love you for starting this and, of course, I love Tucson too. It fascinates me how many people find themselves here ‘by mistake’, unwittingly, or unwillingly, and have never left. Just like in The Bean Trees.

    • Gillian,
      I’ve often wondered how on earth did a nice girl like you ended up in Tucson? Want to share your story? Thanks for the project love.

  3. Rachel – it was nice to meet you with Allison on Friday at Choice Greens! I have been enjoying Love Letters to Tucson – and will most likely write one myself someday…

  4. My wildest dream is to visit Tucson after 21 years and refresh my memories. so much memories as a child and I miss them desperately

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