Fourteen Things I love about Tucson – This is Tucson

A few months back Johanna Willett of the Arizona Daily Star asked me for my top reasons for loving Tucson.

‘Give me ten things you love about Tucson’ she said.

Just ten? I can’t keep it to just ten. So here are fourteen, and there are more just on the tip of my tongue, just ask me.

These experiences are part of my Tucson, the hashtag should be #ThisIsMyTucson

1. Eating tortillas still warm from the Anita Street Market while worshiping in the Bike Church on Granada.

2. Stopping at the Shrine of Luminous Mother on the way up Tumamoc Hill.

3. Raspados from Taqueria Pico de Gallo in the summer.

nightblooming14. Sitting on the porch on summer nights, listening to the thunder roll in, waiting for the humidity to lift, margarita in hand.

5. Talking about porches, I love Porch Fest. It’s the perfect opportunity to listen to local musicians and explore different neighborhoods.

6. Dark skies — whether it’s lying in a hammock in my garden in the middle of town to see a sky full of stars or traveling to the outskirts of town to see the edge of the galaxy.

7. Popcorn and movies at Cinema La Placita.

8. Tucson’s homespun parades, festivals and events from Parade of Lights and Cyclovia to Noche en Blanco.

9. That while temperatures rarely dip to scarf-wearing weather, there is a wonderful knitting community and three local yarn stores to boot!

10. Escaping to hidden waters and high mountains when the mercury begins to sizzle.

11. The less than two degrees of separation that connects you to everyone once you live in Tucson more than a few years.

12. Looking for people I know on the Faces of Tucson mural under the Fourth Ave. underpass.

13. Taking the streetcar to Mercado San Agustín for crispy avocado tacos.

14. That there is art to be found nearly everywhere! From formal galleries, public art to street art — Tucson inspires.

15. I know, I said fourteen, but this has to be said…the fifteenth thing is you. You, the people of Tucson. Varied and crazy you make Tucson a lovely place to live.

What’s your ten things you love about Tucson?

Originally shared in the Arizona Daily Star as a sidebar to the article about Love Letters to Tucson by Johanna Willett

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  1. The ease of life! Nice people and nothing is too far. Beautiful sunsets and the majestic Catalinas! These are the few things I love about Tucson.🌵❤️

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