Want to participate? Fabulous! This is how it works:

1. You live in Tucson, or lived in or visited Tucson and miss it wildly. Love letters to Tucson is about seeing Tucson through the eyes of the inhabitants  and telling their stories.

2. Write your love letter to Tucson and send it to the email below.
It can be short and sweet, or a narrative. You can write Tucson a love poem or haiku. It is up to you.

Write about what you love about Tucson. Perhaps write about your neighborhood or some quirky aspect of Tucson that appeals to you.  Write about specific places, or season, maybe an event, or perhaps even a memory you have of Tucson. It doesn’t have to be all roses and light, it can be about what you love about Tucson despite the things that drive you batty about Tucson. It can be the story of how you came to be in Tucson or what kept you here once you arrived. It’s up to you. We want to hear about your Tucson.

3. Arrange the photoshoot or send us some photos
Pick a location and we’ll arrange a time to meet for the photoshoot. The photoshoot will probably take around an hour, typically first thing in the morning or in the hour or so before sunset. Heads up, this project is a voluntary endeavor and times are constrained some by the rest of life.

Oh, and don’t worry I’ll  show you the pictures before we publish them so you’re happy with the ones we’ve picked.

Finally, know someone with a fab story to tell, but not necessarily part of the digital age?  Or just not checking out this space? Share this with them, and if they’re interested let me know at the address below. We want to hear Granny’s story too.




5 Responses to “Participate!”

  1. Tucson,
    I want to say thank you from the bottom, top and sides of my topsy-turvy heart. Your barrios, parks, messed up roads and endless sunsets remind me to take a minute, breath and go forth in confidence and joy.

    Here, I discovered that this broken little orphan girl could be and was actually part of a long line of strong women. That my story has a contented and comfortable space to be fully expressed. That my sister is human and capable of more love than I ever believed possible.

    Here, I became an adult and learned to take responsibility for myself and therefore I also witness that in fact I am my community’s keeper.

    Here, I learned that I must use my voice.

    Here, in this beautiful land, I found riches of spirit and expression in the people who call me friend, sister, comadre.

    Here, I met women and men that work hard, care passionately, express their truth, bear witness, laugh, cry and persevere.

    Here, I learned the language of art.

    Here, I found HOME.

    Thank You Tucson, for showing me that this life is so much more and that I have so much left to give.


  2. Dear Tucson – We came to you feeling fairly satisfied with life; we were in your beautiful ancient environs for only one day when existential focus set in… There is no other home for us but you, Tucson. We intend to burn our past into your clear skies as soon as we can. Please welcome us with your openness and take us in; we hope it is very soon…. LOVE FOREVER M&C

  3. I also lived in Tucsons C.C, and I will never forget living and going to school at Davidson Elementary, I was one of those rowdy Navajo boys up to no would not have it any other many stories..etc..😂

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