The call of the big city – Lupita

My dearest Tucson,

I grew up in the mountains – a tiny town called Silverbell. We did one trip into Tucson every month for groceries, two if an emergency required it.

By the time we were in high school, Tucson was where we went to escape, make trouble, and to go where everyone DIDN’T know our name (or our parents).

lupita silverbell all souls procession

Lupita and the fabulous umbrella at All Souls Procession Photo Credit: Lisa Waite Bunker

When the mines closed, my parents tried returning to Bisbee first, but reality set in. We knew the work was in Tucson, but they hedged their bets by finding a house in Marana. Eventually we finally made it to Tucson. I was nervous enough that we decided I should still attend Marana High School. The floods of 1983 changed that. Never have I been more grateful for a flood.

Fast forward: Life has taken me to Germany, Tennessee, Indiana, New Jersey, but always brought me home to Tucson. Marriage and the USAF have taken my daughter to Florida, but all she wants is to come to Tucson.

Life, I know, will bring her home.

Forever yours,

Lupita C.

I had the honor of meeting Lupita at the recent All Day Analog event at the Southern Arizona Workspace. She hand-wrote the letter following an introduction to a new venture between Love Letters to Tucson and the Pima County Public Library, which we’ll tell you the grand news of soon! 

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